Tape Tile is a heavy duty recycled low density polyethylene sheet with a underground warning tape laminated on one side, printed in black. Tape Tile underground warning tape offers far greater protection for the protection of cables and pipes than standard warning tape. The Tile tape is very economically priced and installation time is reatly reduced as it is easy to transport and simple to unroll. Various thicknesses of tile tape are available with colours and texts to your requirements.

Product Features

  • Tape tile offers more protection than warning tape
  • Reduced installation time
  • Manufactured in accordance with ENATS 12-23
  • Various thicknesses available from 1mm upwards
  • Tensile strength - >10N/mm2
  • Elongation at break - >300%
Tape tile has the benefits of a cable tile rolled as a tape. Special manufacture is available in various sizes, colours and texts to customers specification.

Product Size Part No.
200mm x 2.5mm x 40mtrs NM-2014011