Industrial site safety warning tapes are high strength printed polyethylene barricade tapes. Industrial warning tapes are printed with an industrial warning text / site safety text and internationally recognised symbol if appropriate. Used by industry to warn the workforce and the public of dangers from chemicals, explosions and asbestos etc.

Available in any language and in any size.

Many English texts held in stock including : Caution do not enter tape, Caution tape, Danger tape, Danger high voltage tape, Asbestos hazard tape, Explosive hazard tape, Caution wet paint tape and No Parking tape.

Product Features

  • Internationally recognised symbols if appropriate
  • UV + scratch resistant ink
  • Shrink wrapped for protection
  • Specially manufactured texts available, any size or colour

Industrial site safety warning barrier tapes are essential for health & safety purposes in factories, sporting events, construction sites etc.

Product Size Part No.
75mm x 250m --
150mm x 100m --